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Harvesting the Soul's Potential

Shrine in the garden

The gardens that were planted in late April and early May are beginning to yield the fruits of the gardener's labor come August and September, and so it also is with how we reach our soul's potential. For most of us, engaging the soul's potential means that we must live consciously and choose that which is right and good versus that which feeds our ego in the moment. Many of you know me well enough to know that I will quote from any source that I find to be of value including he bible on occasion. So, before I consulted the Tarot I looked to see what the "good book" had to say about reaching spiritual potential. In Galatians 6: 7-8, there is a quote that reads:

7 "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
8 Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life."

Would the tarot agree with this wisdom? I took out my trusty and well-worn deck and asked the question: "What does one have to do to engage their soul's potential here on earth?" The answer came swiftly as the tarot trump XII The Hanged Man fell from the deck onto my tarot table.

The Hanged Man

What a curious card to have fallen in answer to this seemingly complex question of reaching the soul's potential! I had always viewed the major arcana card of The Hanged Man as a very passive card. It would never have occurred to me that to remain still would be the first step to reach one's potential, but after further consideration it made perfect sense. Even farmers know that they must let a field lie fallow for a season before re-planting so that the soil can regain it's nutrients from the mother earth. It appeared that the tarot was expressing the intention to "be still" and listen. The Hanged Man hangs by his foot and not his neck. His legs are in a figure four which in numerology means "stability." Around his head we see light emanating, or perhaps it is enlightenment. More importantly we see greenery hanging down indicating that even when we are still there is growth around us that can affect our soul's potential.

The Hanged man asks all of us to examine our conscience and to decide what we want to plant in the "garden" of our soul.

  • When have you allowed yourself the luxury of time to consider what your soul needs in order to feel fulfilled?
  • How can you carve time out of your busy schedule to consider what you would like to "harvest" at the end of your life?
The High Priestess

I asked in earnest of the Tarot again, what else might one do to engage the soul so that it reaches its potential? The second card I drew from the deck was The High Priestess.

The High Priestess to me has always been a symbol of seeking knowledge. She sits with a scroll in her lap and we see the symbol of the triple goddess upon her head. Perhaps, the secret that is within the scroll is one that she only reveals to those who are close to her as it is half hidden by her cloak. The goddess symbol upon her brow is one that includes the full moon or reaching one's emotional potential. The card has the promise of fruitfulness as depicted by the pomegranates and the palms in the background. The High Priestess is another card of planning and learning but not necessarily of taking action. It reminds me that in December, when I am aching to see the first signs of Spring, I must plan my garden on paper until the time is right to plant. It is the same with engaging the soul in reaching its potential.

The High Priestess asks all of us to determine what lies deep within our heart and soul, and asks us what resources we have in order to "fertilize" with inner knowledge our spiritual garden.

  • What do I need to learn in order to reach what is my spiritual potential?
  • Do I need to journal my thoughts and feelings before making important decisions in my life?
The Chariot

The final card that I drew from the deck was VII Tbe Chariot. Finally, after much consideration, planning, and gaining of knowledge the tarot indicated a card of taking action. We need only look to the yin/yang symbol on the chariot, which resembles a plowing of the garden or fields to see the balance in the tarot trump~ The stars that are above the charioteer's head indicate that he is acutely aware that he must be engaged on two levels: the earth plane and the spiritual plane if he is to reach his full potential.

  • How can you achieve your earthly goals while remaining spiritually balanced enough so that you can reap a wonderful harvest in the afterlife?
  • How will you gauge whether you are making progress in reaching your potential?

So far, the Tarot had asserted through The Hanged Man the need for inner stillness, and strength of purpose. With the The High Priestess, the need for knowledge about what your soul's purpose may be, and finally through The Chariot the need for balanced action to reach that goal. It is said that the Tarot speaks in the language of the seeker's soul. We need only ask with an open heart for the oracle to guide with compassion and wisdom.

I wish all of you the gift of inner stillness, strength of purpose, knowledge, and finally balance while moving forward tilling the garden of your soul to reap the reward of achieving your soul's destiny

Namaste - Karen

Karen Hollis is one of Connecticut's most highly regarded professional psychic/mediums. She is a sought-after master Tarot reader who has over30 years experience both reading and teaching the Tarot. Karen has been featured on the Discovery Channel's Destination America, and has had the privilege of studying at Omega Institute with James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell of England, John Holland and Jose Gosschalk, of the Netherlands, to increase her abilities. A former marketing executive, Karen leads dynamic workshops throughout New England. Karen is also the Lead Psychic/Medium Investigator with Ghosts of New England Research Society a.k.a. G.ON.E.R.S. For an appointment with Karen, either by phone Or in person please call 860-665-8024 between the hours of 9:00am-7:00pm Eastern Time.

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