How to Book A Session with Karen

Karen's office door as seen from the interior hallway of her building
Karen's office from the hallway

Karen charges $150 for her 50-minute appointments for either mediumship or her psychic abilities. If you are looking to book a mediumship appointment, Karen asks that you read her page on mediumship so that you get the best possible experience. If you are paying cash, Karen offers a $10 discount, which may not be combined with any other discount.

Karen books on a first-come first-served basis, so if you call to find out what her schedule is, then look at your schedule later, the most convenient time for you may be taken, as calls come in all day long for appointments. Karen wants you to get the most convenient time for you. You will find that, by following these simple steps, you will be able to book with confidence.

Confirming in-person sessions

If you are a new client, you are required to confirm your appointment the day before your appointment in her office. (phone consultations do not need to confirm in advance, if you are not at your phone during your phone appointment, you lose your spot). We ask, in advance, if the phone number you have given us is able to receive text messages and we leave a text the day before your appointment. If we cannot leave a text or voicemail and do not hear back from you by the end of the business day the day before, we reserve the right to replace you in Karen's schedule.

If you have booked an appointment and you do not confirm, we may charge the credit card you gave us to reserve the time.

Karen's Sessions

Karen often uses a regular deck of playing cards in a reading
Karen often will use a regular deck of playing cards in a consultation

Karen's private readings are for fifty minutes whether they are by phone or in her office. Karen books her appointments back to back so as to be efficient with her time and yours. Occasionally Karen may run a few minutes over if she is working on something complex, or someone is in deep grief. Karen takes into consideration the fact that emotions surface as a result of the readings, and may extend a session at her discretion.

Karen will not abruptly end any appointment, and she reserves the right to be thorough and courteous to all of her clients. Be assured, Karen's focus will be on you as soon as your session begins. If your schedule is inflexible by up to 15 minutes, please plan to book when you have some flexibility. Karen has every intention of being respectful of your time and hers. If you are waiting for her call by telephone, or are in her waiting room in her office, please be patient. You will get your session with Karen.

Making an appointment with Karen

If you are making an appointment with Karen, you will be asked for your first and last name as well as a telephone number where you may be reached or where we may leave a text or voicemail that will be checked. You will be asked for a credit card to hold your appointment. If you are a new client, you will be asked if your number is a cell phone. You will be reminded that you need to respond to text messages confirming an in-person appointment. Karen asks for 48-hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.

Giving an alias or "fake name" when making an appointment with Karen Hollis shows a lack of trust and integrity, and a disrespect for Karen's gifts. Karen understands that there are people who will be skeptical of her talents, but she draws the line at dishonesty from her clients. If you do this, she will know and you will be asked to leave Karen's office the day of your appointment.

Relationship Questions

Karen believes that knowledge is power. If you are in a relationship with another person whether it is work or love related you have a right to know where you stand with them so that you can make the best choices for you. However, Karen will not use her psychic ability to manipulate another person! Karen can give you insight into whether that person is a person of character and integrity with regard to their dealings with you and that is as far as she will go. She will not look into their relationships with anyone other than yourself. It is called privacy.

If there is someone with whom you have a relationship either personal or business, and you would like to ask Karen about them, as it relates to you and choices you are trying to make for your highest good, please provide Karen with only a first name and a full date of birth for that person. This is necessary and increases Karen's accuracy.

Mediumship In A Private Session With Karen Hollis:

Please let Karen know at the beginning of your session that you are requesting a mediumship session. Karen asks that you read her Mediumship page before your session so that you can get the best experience.

If you do not let Karen know that you are seeking mediumship, Karen will assume that she needs to focus on your life on the Psychic level. Karen will not bounce between the psychic and the mediumistic levels at will as this can harm her energetically.

Many times the Spirit communicator that comes through first to Karen may not be the person that you were wishing to contact on the "other side." This is why Karen tries to do what she calls "targeted mediumship" in her office. If you are seeking to get a message, please have the first name and the birthdate of the Spirit person that you are hoping to hear from. Small to medium sized pictures are fine to bring along in order to validate the information that Karen is receiving. Please, make sure that you can validate with a yes or a no any evidential information that Karen may give you during your reading. This is necessary and vital to the success of the reading. Evidence from the Spirit People may include some of the following: hobbies they enjoyed, songs they loved, jobs that they did, names of family members in spirit or alive, nicknames they were called by, pets they owned, cars they drove, the deceased person's personality, height, weight, eye color, and/or things that were left in memory of them. Karen does not clairvoyantly "see" dead people around you. She clairsentiently "feels" them in the room and then addresses their need to connect. Questions like: "Where did you put the Will?" are inappropriate and manipulative, and will not be addressed in a mediumship reading with Karen Hollis. Please come ready to experience how the power of love can transcend even death!

Spirit Messages At An Event With Karen Hollis:

At events, Karen reads where Spirit people take her in the crowd and room. Karen will present evidence and then she will place that evidence in the room as time allows. Events are generally two hours long, and evidence is similar to that given in a private reading. Names of relatives that the deceased met on the other side, relationship to the person in the audience, songs they loved, Birthdays or Anniversaries that Spirit wishes to acknowledge, etc.… The quality of the messages can depend upon the crowd size, room configuration, and the love bond between the living and the Spirit people wishing to communicate. Karen admits that she is "not in charge" of the messages at her events. Karen does what she does as her spiritual calling!

What if I cannot make my appointment with Karen Hollis?

Tarot cards laid out in a classic spread on Karen's table
Oftn, Karen will use the Tarot to determine what is going on in your life.

We at "Readings By Karen" understand that traffic happens, illness happens, and life happens, but just like in your household, the bills need to be paid at Karen's office. Karen's schedule is set weeks in advance, and people literally can wait up to a month or more to get into Karen's schedule. It is selfish for any one person to hold both your schedule, and Karen's schedule hostage with nonsensical cancellations.

Time wasted is not appreciated by anyone. Karen understands that your time is valuable, and this is why Karen's policies on cancellations are very strict.

Your Consultation is Private

Karen Hollis' waiting room
Karen's comfortable waiting room

If you arrive to a consultation with Karen early, understand that you will not be bursting in on someone else's session. Karen has a very comfortable waiting room where you may be seated while you wait. And, if someone else comes in early while you are in Karen's office, they will not be interrupting your session.

If you have a friend or relative with you, they are welcome to wait in Karen's waiting room while your consultation is in progress. The only exception is where a translator or an interpreter is assisting in the reading process; Karen reads for a number of clients who are deaf and a number of clients for whom their English is not sufficient for the accurate consultations she offers. Interpreters and translators are cautioned at the beginning of a consultation to guide Karen back on track if she begins to pick up on the interpreter or translator's energy. It is Karen's foremost desire to be accurate and the presence of another person in a session may decrease her accuracy.

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