A Mediumship Appointment with Karen

An Angel statuette from Karen's office

A Medium is a person whose senses are so acute that they register the presence of beings belonging to the non-physical world, and interpret the wishes and information such beings desire to impart to people still in the body in this physical world. Literally, a Medium sits between heaven and earth and is the "bridge" if you will between the two worlds.

The gift of Mediumship cannot be developed any faster than the talent of the Medium will allow. It is a great honor to be a Medium, and comes with a tremendous responsibility in that persons who are in grief need compassion first. It is an honor to sit with them in their time of need and be a vessel for God's love, healing, and compassion. Evidential mediumship, which consists of giving very specific information about the deceased to the living to try to prove the existence of life beyond "the veil" of death, can be extremely healing.

Mediumship requires that Karen hold a higher vibration in her energetic body and a form of concentration, which then creates a link with the Spirit world. For these reasons, Karen only does a limited number of mediumistic readings per day. These are mixed with psychic readings which are much different energetically so as not to exhaust Karen physically and mentally. Karen gives her all for her clients, and she does many things in her office like cartomancy, (reading cards), and palmistry, (reading of hands), to name a few. It is not possible for Karen to sustain a "link" with your loved one for an entire hour. The messages last as long as they last. Please be prepared for Karen to read many facets of your life along with give healing messages should you desire mediumship.

Karen will not promise Mediumship over the telephone.

A Time To Heal

You should not book a mediumistic reading if your loved one has just passed or you are in tremendous pain/grief. Give yourself time to heal a bit, and you will be able to really appreciate the messages that are given in a mediumistic reading by Karen. On occasion, Karen will not be able to give a message if God deems it "too soon" for your healing and the healing of the deceased. If this happens, there is never a charge, and it happens very rarely. Rest assured that your loved one is fine on the other side, but perhaps just adjusting to their new and no doubt happy and peaceful reality. You will be o.k. And they will be okay—All will be well.

Madonna statue with painting in the background insiide Karen's consultation room

Suicide—No Judgement

Karen understands that life can be hard for some. Mental illness, addictions, and other factors can lead to the pain and grief of suicide that may have affected your loved one. She rarely has had any issue connecting with those who have passed in this manner. God is in charge as always, and God's compassion is infinite as is his love in Karen's opinion. Please do not book a reading if you are going through the anger stage of your grief process. Karen would ask that you understand that this is not the time to seek a reading. Connection like relationships with the living, run both ways.

Expecting Appropriate Messages

All families have their dysfunctional dynamics. Please don't expect the dead to answer specific questions like "where they left their Last Will & Testament?" It has been Karen's firm belief that the dead "don't take sides" when it comes to sons and daughters, sibling rivalries, and division of property. If they cared and were assertive enough in life to discuss it with you, they may make mention of a piece of jewelry that they are glad you are enjoying but please don't expect Karen to get into the middle of a family feud with the dead. Her guides in Spirit have told Karen, many times that the dead have transcended things of the material world.

Why No Perfume in Karen's Office?

Perfumes provide a distraction to the conscious mind and can therefore become in impediment to Karen ability to smell what used to be your father's favorite cologne, or your deceased mother's perfume should Spirit provide her with that information. Even if you are not seeking mediumship, Karen asks that you refrain from wearing perfume to her office for your psychic reading as the scent may linger. Karen loves perfume, just not when she is working or in her office. Karen appreciates your understanding!

Woman with child in a rabbit costume with large ears

How Spirit Speaks—Mind Mapping

Connecting with the dead is not like picking up the "red phone" and dialing up heaven with a crystal clear connection every time. Be prepared to know the names of relatives both living and those who have passed so that you can validate what message Karen is giving you from your deceased loved one. For instance, you should know what the person looked like in life, their habits, foods they enjoyed, hobbies, and their profession. When Karen describes their personality to you, or mentions who they are with "on the other side" she will expect you to validate what she has said as correct or not. "Mind mapping" simply means that you may need to think "outside the box" because Spirit speaks in symbols. One time Karen kept seeing a "rabbit" and the woman she was reading for kept saying NO. Spirit kept insisting that there was a "rabbit" connection with this person, and finally Karen's client took out her iphone and showed Karen a picture of her now deceased grandmother holding her in a "rabbit costume" for Halloween one year! See photo below, reprinted with permission. What a beautiful memory! Love truly transcends death, time, and space!

Daisy tattoo. The stem reads: in a world of my own

Karen was recently at a picnic sitting next to a woman who seemed very sad. Karen turned to her and said, "I think I have a spirit message for you from someone very special to you. This little girl keeps showing me daisies and keeps saying "Mama." Karen drew a daisy on a napkin. This woman showed Karen a tattoo on her arm that matched Karen's drawing. The woman's daughter had recently died of leukemia and she had tattooed her daughter's artwork on her left arm (shown above). The message to her mother was that her daughter knew that her artwork had been tattooed on her arm and she sent her love to her mother. This is how Spirit speaks.

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