Audacious with Chion Wolf highlights the uncommon experiences of everyday people – asking the hardest, most uncomfortable questions. With curiosity and compassion, Connecticut Public producer and host Chion Wolf digs deeper, encouraging listeners to ask hard questions in their own lives.

Karen did an interview with Connecticut Public Radio host Chion Wolf for her new show called "Audacious" which premiered Saturday, July 25th, 2020. Ms. Wolf writes:

"From ancient Egypt to Greek mythology, through Abrahamic religions, in ancient African and Native American spiritual traditions, in medieval Europe, and 16th century France (remember that Nostradamus guy?), humans have reliably attempted to predict the future, read minds, and communicate with the dead.

Connecticut Public Radio Host Chion Wolf

"And at this moment in our history, with a pandemic, protests, an upcoming election, climate change... On top of the innate chaos of being a human being, it would surely be more psychologically manageable if we could somehow see into the future.

"This hour, you'll listen in on my first reading ever with a psychic medium - someone who claims to be able to predict the future, and communicate with the dead. We'll hear what this work is like for her.

You'll also meet a researcher who looks back at some of the ways psychics and mediums have been tested and understood - or not - in American history. "

Listen to the entire show here:

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Karen recommends Chion Wolf's Audacious program. It airs every Saturday at 10:00 AM on Connecticvut Public Radio, you can tune in to one of their stations, tell your Smart Speaker to play Connecticut Public or go here to listen to episodes.











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